Technology Services

Technology services is a general term which involves many sectors. The boom of the internet and computers has led to the evolution services worldwide. These services include IT Support, Computer Networks, Software management, etc. At NEXTLevel, we provide professional services and enable the users and enterprises to utilise these technologies appropriately.

The Basic Technology Services for any business enterprise include:

  • Development, Integration and Maintenance of Software
  • Building web applications to the clients
  • Building mobile applications
  • Information Security services
  • Consultant services
  • Development, Integration and maintenance of Networks

At NEXTLevel, in Infrastructure Services, firewall security is provided to the systems for configuration. Cloud computing services are provided to maintain the cloud for integration with other servers. The software development services involve building necessary software relying on the software development life cycle. The requirement of these services are common in every organisation and therefore are essential for every successful organisation.

The services that we provide include right from providing you IT support to the digital marketing and search engine optimisation for your company.

Among the services, some are open source and can be accessed by anybody for their use. Some services are confidential within the organisations and are not accessed by non-clients.

Tech Process Outsourcing

Tech process outsourcing includes basic Information and technology services to people. Almost every organisation requires the tech process outsourcing services to maintain cost-effective solutions. We provide virtual assistants adept at building and maintaining the software, providing internet and networking services, and cloud services.

Web Development & Support

Every organisation requires the web and mobile application to establish themselves in the digital market. At NEXTLevel, we provide web development services and support by building unique websites and applications with user-friendly interface and experience. The innovative interface of the website excites the people to explore the website.

Website Maintenance Services

We not only build websites and mobile applications for your businesses but also offer constant support for it. We offer website maintenance services to the clients who want a constant flawless digital presence. We offer maintenance services such as constant data update, modifying the design of websites, adding new dynamic features, etc.

WordPress Development & Support

We offer the WordPress support systems to the clients. This involves content management system and ensures effective content on the website. We follow specific strategies to build an effective website for the client using WordPress. We also handle the back end of the website; i.e., database management and creation using platforms like MySQL.

Search Engine Optimisation

We offer Search Engine Optimisation services to the clients and highlight your presence at digital places where it matters. Our experts rely on strategies for optimising the websites on the search engines. This is made to enhance the website’s quality and the website’s visibility in the search engine.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the process of advertising companies’ and their products digitally on social media and other online platforms. We implement effective strategies to promote your company to be a household name in your domain.

Webmaster/ Web Support Services

We offer various webmaster and webs support services to the clients. The web services include creating and maintaining web services, building application interfaces. These web services are provided to large business enterprises and organisations.