Dedicated Hiring

Your workforce acts as strong pillars to support your organisation. Do you feel this to be a mind racking process and an ungrateful one at times? Fear not, we are the one-stop solution for all your needs. Next Level BPO services is a well-known organisation working to provide clients with technology services, web and mobile application services, accounting, and data management services.

At Next Level BPO Services, we offer dedicated services through our virtual assistants. Here we hire the right and deserving candidates for you. The dedicated hiring process is performed for various roles such as PHP programmers, Web developers and designers, Graphic designers, accounting, as per your needs. To get high-quality work, we hire and provide you with the best employees who have full-fledged knowledge of various services.

Benefits of Dedicated Hiring

As an organisation, we will manage the team and employees for your small-level projects as it is time and cost-consuming.  You could approach us for the developers and designers, and we assist you with our candidates till the point you need their services. This would lead your projects in the right direction, and eventually, you would satisfy your clients.

Benefits include:

  • Best-ever developers and designers to accelerate your projects
  • Experts working remotely
  • Effective Payment system for the developers
  • Discussions and meetings in remote locations
  • Security of your data

Backoffice support

Our back-office support team, who are experts in technical skills, hardware, and software, would assist in services such as Administration, IT, clearances, and database management.

Hire PHP Programmers

Our PHP programmers ensure you the development of a smooth and interactive platform for you to enhance the visibility and interface of your websites. Our programming experts deeply analyse the needs and build effective solutions based on the requirements.

Hire WordPress Developers

The experts we have for you as WordPress Developers are responsible for developing and maintaining the front-end and back-end WordPress websites. They also perform the activities of adding new features to the WordPress websites along with optimisation and maintaining the WordPress websites’ database.

Hire Web Designers 

We offer you the best-ever web designers with a comprehensive knowledge of various coding platforms and new technologies. They create innovative ideas for effective and dynamic websites. The experts understand your expectations and requirements before they design your websites accordingly.

Hire Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are required to create effective multimedia content for your website or organisation. The experts work on three-dimensional models and graphics to create the videos or simulation content for your websites

Hire Digital Marketers

We house talent who have expertise in the domain of digital marketing. Their role will involve marketing your products and company on social media, following the SEO strategies, connecting with people digitally, building software for sales, using paid ads in social media, etc.

Hire SEO Support Specialist

The people we assign to your projects as SEO support specialists are efficient in optimising the websites to enhance search engines’ visibility. They ensure the top rankings of your website in places such as Google. They also follow the strategies for SEO traffic control in search engines.

Hire Accounting Operators

We provide experienced accounting operators to the organisation. Their main responsibilities include accounting and bookkeeping, maintaining the debits and credits, debts and assets system, insurance records, etc. We hire efficient operators who work systematically on Tally and the QuickBooks software.

Hire Data Entry Operators 

We offer the data entry operators hiring services to the organisation. The data entry operators mainly create and manage the database of the organisation. The data entry operators feed the clients’ details into the systems and organise them in a workable format.

Hire E-commerce Store Managers 

We provide E-commerce Store managers who have work experience and extensive training at new technologies. They manage services such as defining the company’s objectives, Reviewing the sales and stocks, analysing data and web analytics, and developing effective strategies for your e-commerce platform to instigate stability and growth.