Data Management

Data Management is an operational process that every organisation generally follows. Data management includes basic steps such as acquiring, storing, protecting, and validating the data to attain data efficiency while using it. We provide data management services to companies worldwide to maintain and safeguard their data in the data warehouse. You know about the importance of data management, but the process is tedious.

Effective data management practices can aid in better organisation of data and easy derivation of conclusions from the data.

The best and effective to strive the data management process includes:

  • Accessing the Traditional data
  • Emerging the data
  • Deducing the unwanted data
  • Extraction of  useful data

Advantages of using the data management systems include that the complex data could be handled easily without any hassle. We provide you with talented and experienced people in data creation and management. 

The skills of these talented virtual assistants include:

  • Studying and Analysing the data effectively
  • Efficient Database design
  • Integration of data
  • Utilising the Database software

Data Process Outsourcing

Data process outsourcing is usually done in every company, be it involved in Information technology, selling or manufacturing aspect of business. Data outsourcing is a beneficial process which will offer you various services such as online and offline data entry services, data processing, data extraction, transcription, SEO, etc. We at NEXTLevel offer these services to our clients worldwide.

Data Entry

Data entry is a significant process in the creation, collection and organisation of a database. We provide you people who are accustomed to the recent developments in the field and technologies. These people help you arrange your company data so that the data later can be retrieved or modified easily.

Data Conversion

Our virtual assistants help you with the crucial process of data conversion. They help you with structuring, conversion and digitalisation of your data. The process is very cost-effective, secure (in terms of data safety) and efficient with our firm.

Data Processing

Data processing is an essential step in data mining services where useful and tangible data is extracted from the information and random data. Our data processing experts are adept at steps such as data cleaning, binning, reduction of noisy data. They reduce the load on your organisation by doing the brute work and providing you with actionable data.

Data Mining

Data mining aims to extract useful data in the data warehouse and use the data to build the systems. We provide the experts and virtual assistants for you are experienced at data preprocessing, data transformation, which form the basis of data mining.

E-commerce Data Entry

We offer E-commerce data entry services to our clients. We organise the data in the e-commerce websites in an efficient manner. The data entered by the user is organised into a readable and easily extractable format. This can be manually or automated.

Form Processing

We offer form processing services which include converting the data entered as fields into the electronic format. The rough and raw data given by users are later transferred to the database or stored in the electronic format. This process is done manually, and it can be made automatic also.

Online Data Entry

We provide online data entry services that involve entering and storing data on the web and online platforms. This is similar to the regular data entry process, but this is done online on the web and mobile applications. This involves entering, organising, retrieving and editing of companies’ data securely.